View Full Version : the story about atomic - ice breakers- and subs that were used as underwater transporters

18-12-2018, 05:12

this is a discussion about the -northern shipping route- which is frozen many months a year. and needs these huge atomic icebreakers to keep the shipping line open. the old ones are becoming slowly obsolete. And to the get Nickel and other goods that are being prodiced in NORILSK and are shipped via the harbor of DUDINKA to Murmansk. There is somewhere also a story, and both the commentator and a reply to my post mention this: they will remove the rockets and other not needed -things- from these big CCCP atomic submarines that were build and prowling the deep seas during the cold war. Underwater. Than there is no need to worry about the meter thick ice above.anyone has a link to or knows about this stories?
-Norilsk- has ordered and got an atomic icebreaker AND container carrier, both in one. as it is shown in the film. so they do not have to wait for an icebreaker to free the sea route. and save millions in the progress.
though with all this -warmer climate- maybe one day there will be no more ice and all these expensive ships will be out of work themselves?