View Full Version : Christmas shopping is no longer a pain

12-12-2018, 21:57
Let me offer my personal exclusive service to you: I`m willing to dedicate my time in order to help one with purchasing all Christmas/ new years presents for the closest ones!

- Visit many shops while looking for whatever you want
- Any minute available for discussions on details, online and on phone
- Photo-reporting -price and receipt
- High level of responsibility and honesty
- Beautiful wrapping
- Delivery
- 1-5 days of work
- I have a relevant experience and my client is happy. I`m very tolerant, creative and passionate at making beautiful things for someone

Do not hesitate to hire me!

12-12-2018, 22:19
Do you require money in advance? ;)

13-12-2018, 03:06
Do you require money in advance? ;)

looks like a lady with lots of experience. from homeless dog shelters to private shopping all is there. but not one link.