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Uncle Wally
26-11-2018, 23:29

Uncle Wally
26-11-2018, 23:55
Not only can Saudi Arabia kill anyone (because they spend too much on weapons to kill more people) but Amazon thinks they can have the police come in a make their workers work. ???????

What the fu%k is going on? The facist that run America no longer think they need to hide the fact that they are facist?
I just heard that Julian Assange is being charged with crimes by the US but (and get this) the charges are secret. I guess now that nobody really cares about journalist being murdered it's a good time to go after WikiLeaks. You can be jailed without charge in America, thank you George Bush. To quote Obama, " I'm very good at killing people" talking about the US drone program. Not Trump says that if you kill people (gays which get the death penalty in Saudi Arabia, women who are raped stoned to death, or journalists that tell the truth about horror) but have enough money it's just find and dandy.

Uncle Wally
26-11-2018, 23:57
Blame it on Russia and Putin.

27-11-2018, 02:50
Amazon are slave dealers and they treat their employees like sh**t indeed. But why do they go on strike now? For the same reasons, the Italians go on strike during the summer season. The Greeks demonstrate when the tourists are all there. Pilots, Airport handlers,cabin crew go on strike on peak weeks. During the summer time. Why than? Because they go on strike and cause disruptions when it is most effective. To upset the paying public. And be able to apply pressure to management. Have you ever heard someone go on strike in January or February? No. And on top of it, it is far to cold outside, who wants to man picketlines and freeze...no one.