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Elena D
01-11-2018, 18:39
Dear Friends,

I truly believe that coming to a new destination you are stepping outside your comfort zone. A foreign country is not designed to make you comfortable at once. At home you have established, friends, activities, but moving to a foreign country you do not know how to act and respond to people and surroundings. Everything seems different from home and a simple matter may become a problem or you may be put into different situations you have never dealt with.

The key is the relationship you build in a foreign country. The major factor in a successful international assignment is proper support of expatriate and expatriate family. My company is happy to welcome you in Russia. We are focused to help you to adjust to the life and work style in Moscow and are ready to navigate your foreign environment to embrace discomfort.

We shall be glad to resolve any problem or issue you face in Russia and give solution to any query you may have. I shall be glad if you mail us to nm04521739@gmail.com