View Full Version : US Senator needs Spelling lessons...

07-09-2018, 18:11
I only found this on a single website after searching Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo. But here you can see the esteemed Shedlon Whitehouse, the US Senator representing the great state of Rhode Island, dragging in a poster-board to emphasize his talking points, during the hearings on the Supreme Court nominee, Bret Kavanaugh.


(Check out the bottom line) :)


The Washington potentate of infinitesimal wisdom later admits he misspelled "influence" but does not acknowledge the other butchered word, "disproportionate," setting a good example for schoolchildren.

Later on, the New England clown calls Kavanaugh an "appointee". Which reveals his total ignorance about the hearings and his own US Constitution - Kavanaugh has been "nominated" to the Supreme Court, he is not "appointed." Or it may reveal Sheldon's self-concept of his own political history - he was more-or-less "appointed" to the Senatorial post he enjoys, as Rhode Island leans heavily Democrat.