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Victoria 55
28-08-2018, 11:34
Dear All,

I am concert pianist and piano teacher, classical music competitions award winner, perform as a soloist at Embassy receptions and social events in Moscow and abroad (solo, background music,classical and jazz music,recommendations on request).
I offer piano and theory of music lessons to children and adults face to face and via Skype,to Russian and English speakers.More than 15 years teaching experience, experience of working with young children,Embassy families (recommendations on request) and high profile Russian families. My students successfully take part in the international music competitions in Moscow and abroad.
Kids from the age of 4, lessons are adapted to the specific learning needs of the student. Complex lesson includes both piano and theory.
I provide my students with all the up-to-date learning materials(Russian,British,American).
For more details,please contact me by private message or by e-mail yep5@mail.ru
You are welcome to watch my videos and my student on FB,Instagram and YouTube,please follow the links.


Have a nice day!

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only the best is good enough. just to be good is not enough. (NOT from Oskar Wilde)

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11-09-2018, 00:51
Wow, impressive credentials and great video.

I like to play boogie woogie and blues, and especially ragtime, but my left hand, playing the octaves, gets stiff after a few rounds.

My last serious piece was Beethoven's Appassionata. I loved this masterpiece and I memorized all three movements, but I was not able to play all passages at proper speed, because of improper fingering. You know, for example, when you should put the thumb under your palm to play the next note in a passage, so you won't run out of fingers finishing a fast passage and have to use the last finger twice, to hit the last two notes.

Our old high school gym/sports teacher had a favorite saying - "It's not 'practice makes perfect'...it's 'practice makes permanent'". His advice was always to learn something correctly from the start. If you learn a technique wrong - in sports, music or anything else - it stays with you, and is difficult to undo.

I never learned proper piano fingering, I always was using easy or convenient fingering, and to render a classic from Beethoven or another of the masters, you need to play it with correct fingering.

I hope you train your charges to not try shortcuts, to always utilize proper fingering! :)