View Full Version : Door-to-door salesmen wanting to give me free stuff?

24-07-2018, 16:06
Just had a real pain the ass door-to-door salesman try to give me a bunch of free stuff - or at least it seemed like he was trying to. I was going to just take his stuff and put it by the door and simply give it back to him if he ever came by again, but he kept on loading stuff on my hands, so I told him I needed to make a call and gave all his stuff back. He finally went away.

What's the deal with this?

24-07-2018, 16:11

Without further delay, wash your hands!

24-07-2018, 18:13
It's been over an hour, and I'm still around, so that's not it.

24-07-2018, 19:10
Nothing for free, next time don't even bother to open the door.

Uncle Wally
24-07-2018, 20:35
It's been over an hour, and I'm still around, so that's not it.

Check it for listening devices and or cameras!

25-07-2018, 04:02
- Free- is still the fresh air that we breathe. because they have not found a way yet how to tax us on it.or the - Chinese - have not put it into cans yet...

It could be also another, even viler, trick. While the scoundrel keeps you busy with talk and all that crap, he might be listening for dog bark ( maybe - you- keep the dog in the bedroom when opening the door. otherwise there might be mice on the staircase? looking around already to the left and right, what coats are hanging, what shoes are on the floor, which light fixtures do you have. what DOOR do you have ( easy to crack or not...). an - exploration- guy?

26-07-2018, 07:16
and to add a little bit more. I had one of these clowns yesterday
,Wednesday,on my door. he was flogging - super, special, extra cheap, only today- ceramic knives. to bad he got on to a guy who knows knives... ther set that he wanted to flog for 1000 rubles only, i can get at Auchan,Globus, and other assortet Hypermarkets for 300 to 400 rubles. the knives were neither ceramic, neither quality. far to light in weight to be ceramic.and bending like a rubberband. i think it was some thin metal and painted. scumbag.when I told him what i did for work and Jhinn the dog also came looking what took me so long, the - snake oil seller- just beat a hasty retreat. and suppose that will be the end of them. because i was looking out the window and on the street there were 2 more guys discussing something. suppose the other two will not come to see me.

26-07-2018, 09:34
Was he an Italian? Bringing a knife to a gunfight? ;)


26-07-2018, 12:41
[QUOTE=TolkoRaz;1481991]Was he an Italian? Bringing a knife to a gunfight? ;)

never start a fight with Sean Connery anyway. you only will lose!