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Alexandra Vaveva
16-07-2018, 00:34
Kolomna is an ancient town in Moscow region. I live here.

I’m not a big fan of museums but here all of them are awesome and interactive. You can cook or create something at the excursions. Here are several nice restaurants so you won’t even say you are not in Moscow. And even more cute “value for money” places to eat. You can book a room in a floating hotel (3500 rub) or choose a tidy flat (starting from 1500 rub per night).
We also have a speed skating rink and a swimming pool, a place to parachute jump and to snowboard, we travel on sup boards and have numerous creative town festivals.
Feel free to write me with questions if you’d plan to run from Moscow for a week end.

Uncle Wally
16-07-2018, 01:23
How far is it from Moscow? How do we get there?

Alexandra Vaveva
16-07-2018, 11:45
That is one hour an a half from Komsomolskaya on a fast and really comfortable train (electrichka express or electrichka skorii) with a waitress. Some of the trains are pretty simple. just choose the fastest if you need comfort. You can always buy tickets online on tutu.ru. start: Москва Казанская (Moskva Kazanskaya), destination point Голутвин (Golutvin). You'd probably like to get out of the train at Kolomna station (Historical part of the town) which is one stop earlier than Golutvin ("businesspart" of the town)

16-07-2018, 16:17
How far is it from Moscow? How do we get there?
Kazansky vokzal or Kotel'niki (bus station) to Golutvin.