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04-07-2018, 13:05
It is midnight on a warm midsummer’s night in Mayfair, central London. Across wide lanes of traffic – ceaseless, even at this hour – I can just about make out the dark silhouette of Hyde Park’s trees. But it is a dozen plastic-wrapped parking tickets, slapped on a primary-coloured Lamborghini beside me, that I can hear flapping in the breeze.

I am at the Hilton Park Lane hotel, the super-rich heart of the super-rich centre of London. The sports cars are not only symbols of extreme wealth, but of the attitudes that accompany it, that allow the car-owners to treat parking fines as if they were an upmarket meter system.

This is exactly the clientele Drama is here to serve. The nightclub, a compact establishment carved out of the hotel’s basement, is for “those who drip irresistible confidence”, according to its website. “Expect the loud. Expect the abnoxious [sic]. Expect drama.”

Tonight, the latter is prophetic. The velvet rope separating the “abnoxious” from the rest of us is struggling to contain a show-stoppingly beautiful black woman, who is shouting at the door staff.

“They know me. They invited me down here. And now they don’t want to let me in because of my colour,” she yells. “Don’t deny the fact that black people are poppin’. You play our music. Do I need to say any more?”

When I talk to the 24-year-old, she explains why she is so furious at being denied entry. “I’ve been standing in the line and seeing bare white people going in before me,” she says. “Personally, I think this is a colour thing. Black people are not allowed in central London, I swear to you. The way Mayfair works for me, you’ve got to look like a certain something – you have got to be white, tall, really slim.”

She describes herself as an “influencer” and says she does not want to be named because she fears the consequences to her profile. But, she continues: “I’m a party girl, I go out all the time. And as black women, we are always being disrespected – we can’t go out there and have a good time, without them reminding us about our colour.”

In this sentiment she is not alone. Last month, another young black woman, out clubbing to celebrate the end of her exams, alleged that she was charged twice as much for entry to Drama as white girls in the queue.

06-07-2018, 06:23
An investigation of alleged racism into exclusive London clubs is to be extended across the heart of the capital’s nightlife.

Claims that Drama in Mayfair charged black women twice as much as white customers led to Westminster city council announcing an investigation. Labour politicians said that the alleged incident, highlighted by The Times, was “just the tip of the iceberg” of complaints about racism at nightclubs.

There were widespread allegations of black customers being told they had to pay more than white patrons or being refused entry, they said, and called on the council, police and the mayor of London to carry out a full investigation.

Andrea Mann, Westminster’s shadow cabinet member for community, said: “There are far too many accusations to be dismissed.”

06-07-2018, 09:34
I suppose Black Customers will now receive a discount and cheaper drinks?

07-07-2018, 23:41
I suppose Black Customers will now receive a discount and cheaper drinks?

Exclusive London clubs are not known for "discounts". Constant hikes ensure they stay even more "exclusive"