View Full Version : Trump is like a jo jo. And a bad one at it.

10-06-2018, 05:39
Final agreement, the - sherpas- are supposed to do it. not this time...
Trump agrees, disagrees, wants the Russians in, and finally disagrees once more. To the final statement as it is customary he took back his agreement. Nothing there that was not said before he says. Therefore no final agreement is needed, Some G7 or maybe G6 or maybe G8 or maybe soon G no more?
On the other hand, such junkets are just to nice to attend. to waste the taxpayer's money. If No G whatever, they for sure will find something else.
That all that blaa blaaa could have said in a video conference, after all, they are ALL for modern technics, did nott come to their minds.

10-06-2018, 07:20
Mainly grateful that the globalist professional Clinton was rejected. The yo-yo is a good analogy. Hes alternately good and bad. He does good things, but not because he is a principled man. He does bad things because of his own barbarism and because the globalist paymasters of all of our politicians want him to. Hes a maverick who sometimes knuckles under.