View Full Version : A cake to remember

23-05-2018, 10:04


23-05-2018, 12:25
Summa cum laude censored by Publix (pube licks) - what hypocrites!

Russian Lad
23-05-2018, 13:28
It looks like a viral advertisement. :winking: Wonder how much an advirtesement article costs on BBC... They got it for the price of a cake. It seems to me the guy who wrote the article was drunk or something, one wouldn't expect to see this sort of English on BBC:

They said they would look into the incident and gave a full refund her a $70 (52; €59) refund for the cake and a store gift card, which Ms Koscinski said she was "happy to accept".

Uncle Wally
23-05-2018, 13:33
I think they should fire the woman who decorated this cake! If Ms Allotta Cummings can't full fill a young boys wishes there is no good reason why she should be working the Publix!

23-05-2018, 13:57
What happen was most likely that Publix ordering page have a build-in censor function that remove/replace "bad" words, just like this site have, the sender of the order may not even see the correction that is done to their order, just like on this site, you write a bad word (f.u.c.k) and it gets replaced by f... and if you just click "send" your post is there with this automatic correction and every body are happy.