View Full Version : Reporter from the BILD newspaper wrote VV showed Frau Merkel who is the master of the house

20-05-2018, 07:54
Russian President Vladimir Putin "showed" German Chancellor Angela Merkel, "who is the master" in the world political arena, writes journalist of the German Bild newspaper Julian Röpke.
The author of the article stated this, commenting on the last meeting of the Russian and German leaders.

It is noted that Merkel arrived not in Moscow, but in Sochi, "not to raise much hype about the state visit." At the same time, it is stressed that the Russian colleague behaved differently.

"He showed Merkel who is the boss in the house - not only in the summer presidential residence, but also in the world political arena", - quotes the journalist InoTV .

Earlier, Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev talked in Russian with Merkel during the meeting in Sochi.

while the Bild is a tabloid, it is nevertheless the most widely read newspaper in Germany.