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19-05-2018, 05:01
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Let Trump sanction the delivery of liquid das from Russia to the USA. RUSSIA does not need gas. The USA though does. And he can not threaten Merkel also to boycott North Stream 2/ the EU needs Russian gar. Putin has never said that he will NOT deliver. After all, Russia also needs the Valuta it gets from Gas. But CHINA and INDIA and other Asian markets will gladly take should Russia not be allowed to deliver to the USA. And tell the Chinese to sanction Russia. they laugh Trump into his face. Frau Merkel also must and WILL walk a very narrow pad. It is summer now and many heating systems are off. But come fall and a cold winter and the stoves and radiators will be cold. Or worse, factories will have to coles, because of no heating, gas is used in many a production line. And gas is also being used to power turbines that produce electricity. The electorate will quickly get up and will not care about politics. they will care about their cold hands and cold feet...

http://www.krone.at/1710284 German language video

VV and Merkel together against Trump. In the case of the Exit of the USA from the Iranian -Atomic Deal-. while Mekel and VV might differ on some of the political agenda, when it comes to business most of the differences are quickly forgotten. money has indeed no smell. and the most important thing is, full work books for the companies. and as few unemployed as possible. a hard and difficult pad to wander. But this is politics. and they will manage just fine. after all, they always had, have and also will in future.