View Full Version : Comey, Mueller collusion

Uncle Wally
11-05-2018, 11:46

So not only was Comey taking directions from Clapper, he was also colluding with Mueller.

11-05-2018, 12:42
What a nothingburger. I looked up the actual emails that all this is supposedly about. Of the 17 or so pages, most of it is FBI/Congress communicating with each other how to send the invitation to Comey and standard arrangements.

The only relevant stuff is two short emails:
-One from Comey asking FBI/DOJ 'as to whether FBI/DOJ has any guidance for, or requests of me with respect to any institutional privileges or prerogatives they wish me to take into account?'. He also asks to have a chance to review documents that will be given to the committee interviewing him so that he can review (i.e. before he is questioned on those documents).
-One from FBI to Comey recommending that i) his lawyers accept / decline invitations directly with the house; ii) 'that your counsel consult with Mueller to determine the timing of any such testimony', and iii) FBI general counsel's office DOJ / Special Counsel 'stand ready to discuss with you ... institutional privileges or prerogatives that may be presented by any such testimony.'

Total nothingburger. Former FBI director (DOJ) checks to make sure he will not be breaking any rules in testifying about things that FBI/DOJ have privileges/prerogatives on - which as DOJ has both FBI investigators and prosecutors (and Mueller), and rules about disclosing things, he did properly.

Or in simple terms for idiots: he checked with them to see what he was allowed to disclose and when. Totally normal and proper.