View Full Version : Watch out for Apples (the Fruit)

23-04-2018, 20:32
Woman, returning to US from Europe, fined $500 for not declaring an apple.


To add insult to injury, the TSA thug made a joke of it:

TSA: "Was your trip expensive?"
Traveler: "Yeah...(?)"
TSA: "It's about to get more expensive."

24-04-2018, 04:40

I was always thinking Brat-2 (Brother-2) movie has some exaggeration, now I understand I was wrong...

Yesterday have brought to Taiwanese comrades some Chechil smoked soft cheese (kinda such threads), KKZ brandy (6-7 and 10 yo) and salted cucumbers. By their special order...:)

24-04-2018, 04:48
TSA: "Was your trip expensive?"
Traveler: "Yeah...(?)"
TSA: "It's about to get more expensive."[/QUOTE]

yes and no...
the woman complained that the airline should not have been given out apples in the first place. like it is now their fault. and that they did not warn the passengers that it is forbidden to take the fruit off the plane... the airline give out peanuts, the people complain, they give out something healthy, they also complain.
she wanted to save the apple for the second part of the trip. in case when she would feel hungry there.. as if an apple is a meal.
Though the DSA maybe should also shut down for half a day to give all their members -sensitivity training-? same as Starbucks did...