View Full Version : so, it will be KING CHARLES and Camilla ?Queen?

21-04-2018, 08:05
not being a Brit and neither an expert on all things -royal- did HRM actually have a choice? she has to appoint her son as the next in line. and being divorced, that many people do not like Camilla is not reason enough NOT to appoint him. The QUEEN IS ALSO THE HEAD OF THE CHURCH IN ENGLAND. So the Pope in Rome has no saying in it.
Charles is not senile, no alcoholic, no criminal. so there is actually nothing that will-would keep him from ascending to the throne?
on the other hand, he is not the youngest one anymore. so it gives the young ones and follower ups to the throne, more time to have a good time. and spend some tax money on travel, representing, cutting ribbons and checking out the world.