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20-04-2018, 11:17
From Seattle to LA, the cultural rot spreads, especially in California, with Governor Moonbeam, the world's oldest practicing hippie. At Fresno State University, Professor Randa Jarrar labeled Barbara Bush an “amazing racist” and "I'm happy the witch is dead" on the same day the former first lady died. Later, she doubled down, with "I make $100,000 a year" and saying she has tenure and so "I will never be fired."



The hippo continues her twittersqueaks: "If you’d like to know what it’s like to be an Arab American Muslim American woman with some clout online expressing an opinion, look at the racists going crazy in my mentions right now.”

I think most Muslims would rather this university snowflake/hippopotamus be quiet about her "religion." :) But she's much less a Muslim than an SJW (Social Justice Warrior).

Then there's the overeducated Oregonian Kalissa Scopes attacking her race, posting billboards around the city of Portland:



who wants to "Raise awareness in the Portland metropolitan area of the following: The current and systemic role that white supremacy plays in the greater Portland community..."

For a fat per diem fee, she will educate you: tell you what a racist you are.


When one white person commits a crime, then ALL white people are guilty. so says this glittering tower of gleaming ignorance.

The shriveled soul of a "professor" in Fresno preaches her sermons of hate in the Department of Fine Arts and Humanities.
The SJW in Oregon, the guilty, rich, white yuppie, is working on a doctorate in psychology, and already has her degree in sociology.

Leading luminaries of the Left Coast.

Need one say more?

Now we can see why the "nation-building" of Bush in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Obama and Hillary Clinton throughout the Middle East and Ukraine, did/does not work. No sane people want to throw away their traditions and culture and willingly become shackled to these dystopian social engineering nightmares offered up by the Left.

20-04-2018, 20:39
Forget the Left Coast sewer. I'm just happy I don't live in Germany.


Mutti Merkel has social engineered the demise of Deutschland, got herself re-elected to a new term with 30% of the vote, suppressed the opposition and alternate media by labeling it racist, and blamed all the social chaos on a couple of Right-wingers protesting this new system.

Hitler would have admired her dedication to destruction.

How does the Left get away with it? First their social scientists label, classify and pigeonhole everyone according to their color, their ethnicity, their race, their language, their income, their religion, their gender, etc. After they have diversified and separated everyone by their various characteristics, and EMPHASIZED these differing characteristics, they then say we should all get along together! :rofl:

Their systems are so corrupt, they are now closing down our freedom of speech, so that we can't even talk about it - witness the media, Youtube, Goolag, Fakebook, Disqus, etc.