View Full Version : Silikon -Taiga- in Novosibirsk, VV pushes. Why does it always need him?

13-04-2018, 08:02

now that more and more -western- channels are closing to the oligarchs and rich and beautiful, why not invest their money at home. fair enough it needs more than just pretty words and plans from a University rector or professors, they must bring forward business plans. things that are worthwhile to invest ALL the money. and not one third gets lost on the way. an investor wants to make profit. nothing wrong with that. that's what an investor is here for. but the profits must also be shared and kept in the country. not in a fuddy duddy bank account hidden away in a banana island. just always whining and complaining and waiting for the government to do something will not work. but if the people there can do nothing better, fire them all. and get people on the job whoi say YES WE WILL DO IT. high time for it. and no better time than now!