View Full Version : /EAST COSMODROME/ /bosses stole big, now they are going to pay. and good so!

26-02-2018, 22:41
let these corrupt bastards peel potatoes in Chita or magadan for the next 20 years!!!!
llet young professional people work there! and get these old red hangovers out to pasture. will be cheaper in the long run!
these greedy bastards NEVER can get enough. now lets hope that the prosecutor has some brain,cojones and is good for something. confiscate all they have stole nand where he still can get hold of some things. and never mind the crap, it belongs to my wife, i have nothing.

during cccp times there was a story about the fisheries minister and his cronies. they smuggled out container loads of black and red caviar. when they were cought, because they got to greedy, at the Ljujanka they made short shrift with them. the minister was shot. and his /friends/ went to the Gulag for many years. put a hold to smuggling for quite some time.
to bad it can/t be done now anymore.

27-02-2018, 08:53
and they launched 4 American and 5 German Satellites from there... for sure not for free. it is business as usual. monez does not stink, it has a nice smell. on the other hand, all that cash that was embezzled there, the directors need more...