View Full Version : Amnesty International. Report of prisoners transport in Russia.

26-12-2017, 12:37
,page 10 says /distance from home and family/

Moscow has no prison facsilities
MO has 6
Komi has 13...

Lefortovo,Butjirka, is not Moscow?

page 1 statement of Saida Khalikova. does not eat anything there because /they cook mainly pork/. her mother brings every 3 month Halal Food. the only thing she will eat. How many cans does one need for 3 month?

there is definitely room for improvement to say it mildly.But i wonder in which district of Moscow the inhabitants will agree to have a prison in their neighborhood?

while it does indeed make for some interesting reading i take it with a pinch of salt...

27-12-2017, 09:44
Lefortovo, Butyrka and Matrosskaya Tishina aren't prisons as prisons. They are "investigation isolators", where the people are isolated from society during crime investigation.
Prisons, corrective labour colonies and corrective labour camps, where people "sit" during the main part of imprisonment term, usually are located in the less populated areas.

Halal food? Allah o akbar. Good that not glatt Kosher, it's much more expensive...

27-12-2017, 14:41
and what about the vegetarians, vegans, lactose free, allergic reaction to tomatoes,green beans, broccoli, suppose not that there will be any of these foodstuffs?
( not related to here of course, but though i remember when working on the ships, the first day the kitchen got a long list of all these special requirements, no salt, low salt, reaction to this and that. the latest after 3 days all was forgotten and it was Pelmeni and Smetana for everyone, Blini and caviar no problem. And no one had an allergic reaction to Vodka...)