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14-10-2017, 11:18
Questions on NATO's bombing campaign include~: Did disrespecting a religious (Christian) holiday, undermine the organizations claim to be the solution to the problem of 'Godless' communism of the countries of Eastern Europe?
Was NATO desperate to achieve a 'quick' win of a war it started in order to maintain credibility ( regardless of civilian casualties), among the new countries it had enlisted as members?
BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (CNN) -- A Cypriot envoy said Friday he failed in talks with Yugoslav President Milosevic to win the release of three captured U.S. soldiers, and blamed continued NATO air strikes for the outcome.

"Under the circumstances created and the fact that the message received by the Yugoslav leadership and people is that the relentless bombardments will continue, (they) can't proceed with a new peace gesture," said Spyros Kyprianou, a Greek Cypriot who is the parliament speaker on the Mediterranean island.

Kyprianou said he would cease his efforts to free the captive soldiers "for the time being" since "it is impossible to achieve any results in the present climate."

"But I cannot exclude anything in the future, depending on developments," he added.

His meeting with Milosevic began around 5 p.m. (11 a.m. EDT/1500 GMT) and lasted about an hour and a half.

Earlier, Yugoslav officials took Kyprianou to the coal-mining town of Aleksinac, where a NATO airstrike gone awry killed civilians earlier this week.

Even before he traveled to Yugoslavia, Kyprianou had suggested that NATO should curb its bombing campaign if the three American servicemen were freed. He also urged NATO to observe a cease-fire over the Orthodox Christian Easter holiday, which is now under way. NATO refused.

Some Yugoslav officials had said a release was unlikely. U.N. envoy Vladislav Jovanovic said Friday it would be "unnatural" to expect the Yugoslav government to free the servicemen while NATO continues to bomb his country.