View Full Version : VV is 65. all quiet here in Strogino...

07-10-2017, 15:03

and in the center or other Cities, 1000 here, 2000 there, are protesting. i thought Navalny could do better?

07-10-2017, 16:17
i thought Navalny could do better?
Without a command? :D

07-10-2017, 20:05
Well it's MIL's bday today as well ......we treated her last night to her first visit to the Paddy embassy ....great Irish/Russian collaborative music ...... she actually tried Jemmy for the first time....well she thought so .....it's always in her hot toddies when she is ill .....and always in her Gaelic coffees for special occasions.
We finally got back to the dacha so I'm doing a nice bday dinner for her.... crayfish tails in homemade garlic mayonnaise on a bed of crisp lettuce followed by her favorite and the one I like to cook best ....carbonara :smile:
There is a sad side to this .....MIL is slowly going blind like her dad did and my wife became his eyes when she was a child...... MIL will undergo surgery next week which we hope will help her keep her sight a bit longer .....can you imaging ....this great crazy woman has just gone out and swam in the lake ....in the freaking rain......that's why I love her :smile: