View Full Version : Marseille railway Station, two women slain with knive

01-10-2017, 18:32

( also from the 6 pm Moscow 24 h news, has better news than the article)

the scumbag walked into the station, pulled out a knife and slit the throat of one woman. than he killed another one. shouting all the time how great Allah is.... than walked out unapprehendet(sp?) from the station, outside was accosted by the police. who did the right thing. saved the taxpayer a lot of money. and time and space for the judges to do other work. they killed the scum.

i know there is not much the law can do when all over sudden in a busy train station, or any other place, someone pulls out a knife and starts killing. but where is or was the security/police/ army in the train station? the guy just could walk out and was killed only outside...