View Full Version : Russian with with an experienced professor from MGIMO university

24-09-2017, 15:44
Living in Russia?
- Learn Russian!

Russian taught in a friendly, welcoming and supportive setting in this city that "never sleeps".

A prerequisite for your being successful,
respected and loved by locals,
for making new exciting friends
and giving your business a real boost!

Group lessons of 5-6 people with an experienced professor from MGIMO university, in the very heart of Moscow, in a relaxing environment.

Practical language acquisition based on a cutting-edge systematic approach.

Price for 90 minute group lesson 1000 rubles.

For details please contact Ekaterina Tolmacheva:
tel.: +7 915 390 38 63
e-mail: ekaterinatolmacheva@yahoo.com
skype: ekaterina.tolmacheva1