View Full Version : English-speaking teacher needed :)

05-09-2017, 14:14
My name is Lyudmila.
I need to practice my English (in spite of the fact that I study English for many years and I can speak it (more or less).
But I want to speak it fluently, and I want my English to be rich with phrasal verbs, interesting expressions, idioms, slang which is here and there in spoken English\American speech (and you couldn't understand what they said)..
In short, I need to talk. To discuss newspaper articles or news, to learn something new, to enlarge my vocabulary, to improve my pronunciation!! :) and my listening skills are sometimes not very good.

I am looking for an English-speaking teacher.
I can either pay for classes. Or we can swap our language knowledge - I give Russian instead.

Please send me a personala message / or e-mail if you're interested.

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