View Full Version : Desperately looking for a room to rent!

23-07-2017, 17:09
To start, I apologize if this is not the proper area for my post, I am new here.

I'm desperately looking for a room i can rent in Moscow, within a budget of 13,000 rubles a month. Now I know about Cian, Domofond, Avito, and etc.
My problem is that I am from Tajikistan by birth (the reason i specify that is because I have Tajik Passport, and nothing else, I dont even speak the language! But sadly due to being from Tajikistan, I am rejected as a renter by practically everyone!)

Im just looking for a room to rent for me and my girlfriend, we are both decent people who dont smoke or drink, I speak English, Russian, a bit of spanish and Arabic, and am always up for an interesting conversation :)
I work in a restaurant near the center of Moscow, and have all needed documents.

I have been looking for months now and I'm starting to lose hope...
I have even had Kyrgyz people decline to rent me rooms due to my nationality!

If anyone has an option, I would be extremely happy to receive some help. Thank you.