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08-07-2017, 08:08
some time back we were discussing -local- particulars and came to the subotnik. -we- are long enough here, no need to explain what it is. even WIKI has a page, for those who might not know... for my Austrian friends it was all -communist - and - cheap forced labour- and what have you...
a few short weeks ago i was astonished to hear on my favorite radio station. -We pupils will clean up our brooks, parks and forests-. Subotnik in Austria? of course a big thing. all naturally voluntarily. kids will show the grown ups to to throw away things. checked out than the local TV stations, same like here... chair pushers and snake oil sellers were out in force, once the cameras were gone, it was the kids and their teachers.
got quite a few good answers when i reminded them what we were talking about only a few short weeks ago....

now apparently there is a new project. food wastage. in the USA like in the EU up to 40 % of food is thrown away. might that be at home, while on the -cheaper - XXXL box the use by date has come. or just no one wants to eat anymore AGAIN -frosty,crispy, super slim, fantastic corn flakes -. or to much was prepared and again, no one wants to eat anymore. therefore, off into the trash can.

at the supermarket or shop. a speck on ONE tomato or apple or pear on a pre packed 6 pack of fruits? it is not worth the time,cost and effort to re pack. cheaper off to the trash. same with bananas, lettuce or anything else.
never mind bread or baked goods. people expect a full shelf at the local bakery or deli around the corner at 5 or 6 pm when they knock off from work and stop for a quick snack. or take something home. but what does the baker with the left overs? BY LAW he is not allowed to sell the next day -old- bread for half price or whatever discount he might seem fit. tons of bread go to the local power station to be burned off and made into electricity or hot water....

so the kids asked me, do -we- dumpster diving for food in Moscow? being out early with the dog, yes -we- do..
Could i do also for a day or two? yes i could... could i weigh it and write it down or make a photo? yes i could would and did....
well the photos are the result of one day one time dumpster diving. not even DIGGING or -diving- into a dumpster. Including the 2 bottles of coke and a clip board. non of the food items were expired or had reached their sell by date. some of it was from the dumpster next to our building. some was from a local supermarket. and all of it from ONE morning. and this is food only.
wonder what would i find if i go to a dumpster lets say from an electronics or clothing shop?

by the way what does the law say? or the shop owners?
as long as one does not climb over a fence, forcefully enter a building or break open a locked container, it is not illegal. shop owners of course will not be pleased, but will not call the police, IF nothing is broken in or damaged...
will be an eye opener for some kids and grown ups.

08-07-2017, 17:02
There's a lot of good stuff in some of those dumpsters... :)

08-07-2017, 18:37
There's a lot of good stuff in some of those dumpsters... :)


where is the nearest Media Markt!!!!!!!

08-07-2017, 18:38
Kitty did not come from the dumpster but she always has to check ...