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Teacher Polina
14-05-2017, 12:44
Hello! My name is Polina. I specialize on Business Russian (Business Communication, Understanding news, Business letters etc.) and Russian for Beginners.
My Teaching Russian experience is already more then 2 years. Currently I give private lessons, but also work for a Russian Language School.
Prices are very reasonable: 1500 roubles per hour (1200 for a Skype lesson). Language Schools have much higher rates.

2015 - Teacher of Russian as a foreign language (Moscow State University)
2010 - Masters degree in economics (Moscow State University)

What you can expect from taking lessons with me:
- I will prepare learning materials and lesson plans based on your learning goals, so that we could reach them sooner.
- A feedback after each class. You will also get a feedback to every homework. This will give you more control over your learning.
- My background in economics allows me to prepare meaningful Business Russian discussions for my lessons.
- Whenever you need it between the classes, you can get a consultation via Email/WhatsUp to clear up any difficult point.
- In case you struggle with Russian pronunciation, we will work on it too. So that you could communicate without a fear, that people won’t understand you.
- It will be a balanced learning. You will practice listening, talking, reading and writing skills regularly. This will let you to feel confident in most of the situations you may need Russian in.
Is there anything else, what I forget to mention above? Just let me know, what learning style you are looking for. I will share my ideas on how to meet these requirements.

Contact Email: polina@burupo.com