View Full Version : American Directed Dance Troupe for Corporate Events

Eric Conrad
02-03-2008, 18:44
There's a new Dance Troupe in Moscow available for Corporate Events!

Directed by American Choreographer Eric Conrad of Las Vegas, this troupe is a departure from anything currently available in Moscow; No folk or "go-go" dancing in ridiculous costumes; these are classically trained dancers performing amazing contemporary dance on pointe! No Soviet era folk music or singing here! This troupe performs primarily to American film scores such as the soundtrack to the Matrix films. Our shows are family friendly; we provide existing repertoire as well as special orders!

You may have heard about Eric, he was interviewed by the Moscow Times in late 2006 for his work in Russian Ballet.

No need to ask your Russian Admin. assistants for help, deal directly in English with Eric Conrad ! For more information and for bookings email Eric at bolshoi2008@gmail.com or call us today at 8.909.677.9164