View Full Version : Russian family dinner with home' concert and singing the most popular russian songs

25-02-2017, 00:25
Hi! My name is Marpha.I am a professional opera singer. Since childhood I am deeply in love with music, history and travelling.I am 7th generation native Moscovite.
I can offer you the memorable experience of spending time with local family. I'll invite you to my home, where you meet my family: my mother and my husband(both are engineers),have a traditional full multi course Russian dinner with desert and have the opportunity to discuss everything about Russians, and finally learn to sing Russian songs.
Also I will arrange a small concert especially for you: play the piano and sing the most popular Russian songs and romances for you.
I will drive you in my comfortable car from your hotel in Moscow to my apartment near Metro station Medvedkovo and back.
I hope that during the time you'll spend with us we'll become real fiends.
For more details and price PM me.

Uncle Wally
25-02-2017, 02:06
That's ok you don't have to pay me. I'll do it for free but just for you.