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13-02-2017, 17:57
Hello. Can anyone please tell me if they know of any place in Russia that I can purchase a gift card for someone's birthday? I was thinking
of a service like Amazon or similar, but one that would have no problems delivering inside of Russia. I worry about international companies not getting
delivery correct due to language and maybe some customs charge. I bought something not to long ago on ebay to test delivery from outside
of Russia and the item never arrived. I also had no place to write the address details in Russian alongside of English.

The certificate is for my Russian husband's birthday. He's into sport, computers, healh, and technology. So, some place where a certificate for him could
let him select his own gift. He's not the easiest to buy for and I'm still working on my language skills and getting around alone, not to mention the fact that the town
we are in doesn't have the best selection of items to choose from or they are well hidden in some corner somewhere if they are here.

Thank you to anybody that might be able to give pointers...

14-02-2017, 06:39
The only ones I've seen are for iTunes, but you can always try places like Eldorado or M.Video.

14-02-2017, 07:05
Interflora.ru , flowers , toy bears etc....

14-02-2017, 15:03
The only ones I've seen are for iTunes, but you can always try places like Eldorado or M.Video.

Hello... Thank you for the suggestions. I hadn't heard about Eldorado or M. Video. I will go have a look. Thanks again.

14-02-2017, 15:07
Interflora.ru , flowers , toy bears etc....

Hello. Thank you for the interflora suggestion. However, I ended up using such a flower company a couple of times when I was abroad awaiting my residency permit
and it was his birthday and our anniversary. They also sell flowers around the corner from me here. I was hoping to get him something that will be
useful for him this time. I do appreciate the suggestion, though. Thank you.