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08-02-2017, 13:31

Welcoming all members of Expat.Ru to Royal Diamonds for a 10% discount.

Hello, members of the Expat community! My name is Lior, I am a Canadian relatively new in Moscow. My father has lived here the past 10 years, he specializes in custom high-end jewelry, mostly diamonds. I am currently helping him out with his business, and am extending an invite to all Expat's in Moscow to come visit us for all your jewelry needs!

My time here in Moscow, has taught me a couple of important lessons.

1) To anybody with US dollars, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF BUYING RUBELS RIGHT NOW! It is extremely likely the Rubel will return to its pre-sanctions value of 30-1 USD sometime soon. If you can, take advantage of the 60-1 value right now. You will surely thank me later.

2) God damn, it seems everything is cheaper here! When it comes to jewelry, diamonds, gold, silver, this is surely the case as well. While it is true that commodity value is the same worldwide, in America when you buy a piece of jewelry you pay 2-5 times the commodity price at the retail level. Here, however, due to the struggling economy, retailers are forced to sell between 0.5-1 times the commodity price at the retail level.

3) Paper money, will always be paper! I have spoken to numerous people who have managed to not lose much when the sanctions came, because they invested into jewelry as a form of assets. While the rubel was devalued by more than 50% their assets have appreciated by more than 30% all while avoiding the depreciation. That's a 80%+ difference between the people who have investeded into commodities than people who have invested in EVERYTHING ELSE!

But, I'm not here to be giving economy lessons haha!

We have a wonderful store located in Dubrovka Shopping Centre, and conduct personal consultations for any custom jewelry piece. If you'd like to come by, see what we've got, see what we can do, or just have a cup of tea and talk about Russia (there's deffinitely lots to talk about!) please do not hesitate to give me a call, sms, or whatsapp! My phone number is: +7 (925) 499-86-68 , again my name is Lior.

Thank you Expat community, hope to see you soon!