View Full Version : Moscow flatmate female. quick

31-12-2016, 00:19
Hi, my name is соен. 18 years old. I can speak English free, and learning Russian in Moscow. I'm studying in university.
I'm looking for my flatmate. I found apartment and I need my flatmate who will live with me many years.
I'm from South Korea. my apartment has 2 rooms and warm, remont, so nice apartment.
there is commission and pledge. commission is 30%, pledge is 100%. you need to pay 25500 rub per month for apt(+water, light etc).
and I pay another 25500 per month(+water, light etc). to metro 10 min. so nice apartment.
I'll show apartment and where location(not very far from center, little far) when someone interest be my flatmate. I prefer 18-24 year old flatmate.
qkrthdus2692@gmail.com contact to me, I'll answer for you. thanks for read. contact me!