View Full Version : Weekend in Budapest 25.11.2016 - 30.11.2016

24-11-2016, 11:18
Dear folks:
The moment of our trip to Budapest is approaching.
Please hurry up to buy your tickets. They are still at the price of a bit more than 100 euro.
Budget housing in Budapest is around 20 euro per night.
Please visit event page and PM me your questions concerning this trip.
With my Moscow Weekend Out group I would like to unite like-minded individuals and help each other find tripmates and companions.
So if you would like to join us in our short weekend trips don't hesitate to PM me.
Our group is rather young but its members have already made three short weekend trips: to Riga, Kiev, Astrakhan, Ryazan.
Our further trips will be to Yaroslavl, Tbilisi, Bratislava, Riga.

24-11-2016, 12:53
Sounds a good idea.

Is there a website of FB group? Link?

24-11-2016, 18:57
Sounds a good idea.

Is there a website of FB group? Link?
Knock into skype or icq, see profile.

24-11-2016, 23:14
I wonder whether it is admittable to include URL-links in the messages.

25-11-2016, 08:17
It is.


13-01-2017, 09:20
Are their English speaking guide?