View Full Version : The greate job oportunity for teachers of English, Chinese, Spanish, Italian!

17-08-2016, 10:40
Dear colleagues!
We are searching talented teachers of English, Chinese, Spanish, Italian for our International family cub!
We believe that a better education begins with the best teachers!
Our company (Moscow Innovative Language Centre (MILC)) has opened in February 2010. It is situated in a nice and a quiet area of the capital of the Russian Federation - Moscow. Moscow is known as an active and dynamic city with plenty of opportunities for anyone's leisure. Our company has 3 departures: the bilingual kindergarten, the Early learning school and the International family club. All departures are aimed to teach and develop young children, teenagers and adults in a natural and creative atmosphere.The teaching staff speaks in English and we are always ready to help with foreign teacher for any question arises. In the summer time, there is also a summer camp with plenty of various activities for the children.
We are looking for young, experienced, hard working and optimistic native teachers of the English language who has devoted to their profession.
What we are looking for:
- Individuals with higher education in Humanities/ Psychology/ Education/ Social studies areas.
- Experience with teaching English to children of preschool and primary school age, preferably abroad
- Knowledge of various methods of early development of children, teaching foreign languages to children and adults.
- Any supplementary skills and abilities: Art/ Music/ Sports/ Acting etc.
The basic salary will be till 120 000 rubles per month and depends on the working hours, paid in 2 monthly installments.
The working hours will be spread either over 5 days a week, with 2 days of the weekend or over 2 days during the weekend (Suturday and Sunday).
Visa invitation and documents to apply for a visa will be provided, plus an official work contract for a multi-entry work visa in the Russia.
If you are interested in our vacancy, forward your CV by e-mail: e.panfilova@milcentre.ru or call by phone number: +7-916-9651189