View Full Version : Looking for room Near Presnensky, kutuzovskiy or Moscow city towers

07-07-2016, 04:23
Hello , I'm looking for a room for long term purpose in presnensky embankment, or kutuzovskiy or somewhere near studentcheskaya . Somewhere near the moscow city towers.

My budget is 15000 to 18000 .

Please contact me on : + 7 9150 673227

Or email me : creative_citizen@hotmail.com

07-07-2016, 12:40
Quite a low budget for this area. Maybe best studentcheskaya from a price point of view

07-07-2016, 15:20
Check out http://www.cian.ru

07-07-2016, 17:45
That website has too many fake ads, I called them the ask me to come to a specific place then they don't show up .

It happened several times .

07-07-2016, 17:47
Well , I did find a room before in the areas mentioned but the agent takes 3 months deposit and plus 50% comission. But the room was really good