View Full Version : Woman suddenly decides to get a divorce, causes 7 hour delay on the Moscow - Vladivostok flight

05-07-2016, 15:23
I was checking my Facebook and suddenly stumbled upon an unusual news article:

Some 500 passengers who boarded a Moscow-Vladivostok flight were forced to get off the plane after a woman suddenly changed her mind and decided to get divorced. As a result, the flight was delayed for seven hours causing fury among the passengers.



Well, the Russian proverb "Семеро одного не ждут" doesn't count for this one...

05-07-2016, 17:43
Don't see the connection between these two events - divorce and flight delay. Though may be the loosing of takeoff "window" in airport schedule, because of luggage container unload/load back, especially in JumboJet.

05-07-2016, 20:04
She wasn't in the mood to fly and wanted to get of the flight... I've seen on Ultimate Airport Dubai (:o) that only this can cause a lot of trouble and quite some delay. It doesn't surprise me that it happened in this case as well.

It surprises me that her husband wasn't the first to decide that he wanted a divorce. What an ignorant, egoistic woman.

05-07-2016, 21:53
Perhaps her husband was the pilot?

05-07-2016, 22:13
Perhaps her husband was the pilot?

Plot twist!

Uncle Wally
05-07-2016, 22:37
Perhaps her husband was the pilot?

I was a pilot! Yeah I worked in a brick factory and I'd take the bricks from one corner and pile it in the other.

Russian Lad
05-07-2016, 23:29
Cherchez la femme...