View Full Version : Crazy Daisy (Mossow ) Club Card on sale

14-05-2016, 15:22

I used to Crazy daisy bar ul. Sretenka, 21/28, Moscow on every friday and saturday . After spending lot of money on drinking I am issued the lifetime membership club card. This card will provide 4 shots of quality vodka on every friday and saturdays for lifetime. Since, I have stop going to clubs and bars so I don't need it . So, I would like to sell it. I can't give it free because I have been to this club for long time and I know the value of this card.

I offer to sell it for 10,000 robles.

Contact me, call or what's app +79160765698



14-05-2016, 16:38
Does the card have your name on it?

14-05-2016, 16:57
Does the card have your name on it?

No, there is no name on it. Anybody can use it.