View Full Version : this is not a plug for Akado

14-04-2016, 16:33
our Internet provider. but they delivered what they promised. i got a new router (to buy now outright, not leased as it was before) and was also told the speed will be 10x faster. and the monthly cost for unlimited Internet will be lowered. to be in line with the ever more competition that comes on the market. today was the change over from the download speed of +- 21Mbps to indeed over 200Mbps. at first i was wondering why everything went so fast. than i deed a speed test and saw it. also the upload speed increased by 10x. great indeed!
don-t actually know what is going on, but the last few days we are bombarded with phone calls, everyone, and their dog, offering ´cheaper and faster than what we have now´. good for them. and Beeline is offering 1 Ruble a month ´domestic´ Internet ( whatever that might be) and Cable TV. just have to sign a certain contract...and there come the add ons or exclusions, for sure.