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14-04-2016, 08:18
If anyone is planning a visit to Siberia, :big-grin:

Putin-themed cafe opens in Siberia

Another of the cafe’s directors, Svetlana Lautman, spent three years studying in the US before returning to Russia.

She told the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda she thought there was “nothing to do; no leisure activities” in the US and described Americans as “like helpless kittens” when faced with a crisis.

“When I got back to Russia I couldn’t believe it. Everyone is unhappy, and doesn’t see all the things that are around them. I met a girl who said it was her dream to live in America. How can you even say that? You should work to make your home comfortable first. And that depends on all of us.

“That’s why we have a sign on the wall that says: ‘What have you done for Russia?’”


She can at least thank the US for opening her eyes, pushing her in the direction of opening her own business. .:smile: