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17-03-2016, 19:38
maybe it might be a good idea to ask also about the buildings Infrastructure?

copied out from a newspaper-

Rostekhnadzor check the technical condition of the elevators in a residential complex on the bank of the Moskva River near Shchukino in the north-west of Moscow. During the inspection it was found that the construction of most of them fell into disrepair and are in disrepair. Materials testing for these facts sent to the Investigative Committee of Russia to decide on prosecution.
"Moscow. North-West "recalls that before January 14, the daughter of TV presenter Eugenia Volodina Irina Kochergina died after falling into the elevator shaft at home in LCD" Scarlet Sails ". Capital Management RF IC has opened a criminal case under article "Provision of works that do not meet the safety requirements', implying a real sentence.

- end of copy.

and i thought that happens only in the old soviet style buildings? and not in =elitnaya = housing complexes where they don't even greet you if you do not come with a suitcase full of money...

17-03-2016, 19:45
Oi wei, who could imagine...