View Full Version : Legally married to a Russian and we have a baby but I have no way of getting TRP/Russian Citizenship

26-02-2016, 18:03
I am married to a Russian, (a very shy one at that), and we have a daughter (11 months old today). We did our wedding in Nigeria and planned coming back to Russia together but my visa delayed, so she left before me. I finally was able to get into Russia with 3 months Business visa which 2 months of it was already delayed after a tough time getting some required documents from Nigeria.

By the time i got into Russia, i only had 3 weeks left on the visa, so this wasn't enough time for us to submit for TRP as my wife was very ill and was hospitalized.

The only option I had was to pay someone through a friend to help me with the Express TRP, which I was convinced works and also seen people do it though. It took this fellow 1 month to do my TRP which was registered in Kozel'sck at Kaluzhskaya Oblast'.

However, Last 2 months I wanted to travel to Nigeria but was required of an exit/enrty visa which I went to FMS here in Moscow but they said i need to travel to where i was registered.

The problem is the man that did this TRP for me is no more in Russia and why am afraid to go to Kaluzhskaya Oblast' is because after i tried checking the registered address in my TRP, I couldnt find a matching address.

I have asked other people about this, they said sometimes its still in the system but the address maybe a ghost one because its an express TRP (It happened to one guy but he rectified it).

I tried also to find help in getting someone in the police to verify if this TRP i have is real or fake but it turned out to be fake.

I have my translated and notarized marriage certificate, daughter's birth certificate etc,.
Please can you help me in acquiring a visa on my passport without me traveling back to Nigeria?

02-03-2016, 04:20
You have stayed over your visa, and you have fake residences permit. When you leave you will get ban on entry - minimum 1 year, maximums 5 years.

02-03-2016, 11:11
Please can you help me in acquiring a visa on my passport without me traveling back to Nigeria?

Phone these people, ask for Vadim and ask him. Better yet, go to their office and speak to him. He will know far more about the legal situation than any of us.


05-03-2016, 18:03
After he's deported, his wife can go to court and have them take off the time restriction because it infringes on family reunion rights.

25-12-2017, 16:10
In Theory only. In reality this won't work at all.

Besides, we're talking about a fake residence permit. this will be inprisonment.

25-12-2017, 17:41
What a story! Talk about frim going bad to worse.

Prob your best bet is just do nothing. Get a job. Study Russian. And plan on never leaving!

25-12-2017, 22:42
Keneeolive: I sent you a personal message. Take a look at it and let me know if you have any questions.

30-09-2018, 22:42
Hi its best to check with www.mc.mos.ru they are on FB as well they usually help in such situations