View Full Version : THAI MASSAGE AND SPA IN MOSCOW FROM THAI MASTERS(the certified masters)

11-02-2016, 21:36
We invite you to visit our Thai Salon in the centre of Moscow.
Located near from metro Preobrazenskaya or Sokolniki.

All masters from Thailand.(the certified masters)

The main program :

1.Thai traditional massage(from 60 to 120 min)
2.Thai sports massage(from 60 to 90 min)
3.Thai classical oil-massage (massage with oils)
(from 60 to 90 min)
4.Thai reflex foot massage(from 30 to 60 min)
5.Thai medical massage of a back, head and cervical zones
(from 60 min)
6.Thai massage of a body by grass sacks(from Thailand)
(from 60 to 90 min)
7.Thai slim massage (from 60 to 90 min)

SPA program from 30 to 120 min.
(face scrub,body scrub,body mask)

Reception telephone:+7(495) 962-10-55 +7(495) 964-83-39
Working hours: 9 a.m to 9 p.m (Mon-Sun)
Mobile number:9-985-789-63-44 (english-speaking)
Map: http://www.anetta.ru/contacts/