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15-01-2016, 23:09
Hi I married a Russian while I was there using a business visa. I had to go back to my Country. Now I want to apply for a temporal residence permit, but I don’t know if I can stay there for the six months period required to get the permit. I am planning to go back to Russia using an invitation she is doing to me, but the invitation is limited to a specific date, covering only three months. The question is: can I renew the visa I'll get using this invitation for three more months, or it would be better to ask for a business visa again? The business visa is valid for a whole year (and for a total stay of six months and no more than 90 continuous days).
Thank you.
PS Maybe I have to reformulate the question: Do the visa should be multientrance in order for it to can be renwed?

16-01-2016, 14:07
Business visa only allows you to stay in Russia for 90 days in every 180, so if you stay in Russia 90 days straight, you gotta leave Russia for the same amount of time until you can reenter on that visa, so it's not an option if you want to stay there continuously. You can get a private visa for 3 months, and then exit to a nearby country (for example Ukraine) and get another 3 month private visa at a Russian consulate there (as long as your nationality isn't in the "migrational risk" list of countries, otherwise you can only go back to your home country to get a new visa).