View Full Version : 23 died in fire at psychiatric clinic

13-12-2015, 16:29

i was listening to an interview/ comment on radio. and thought that can not be,again!
of course =all inspections were done=. =all documents were in order=.
when the anchor asked which/what kind of people are working there, do they take care of the patients, do they know what they are doing, are they properly trained? the answer was ,well the salary is so low, you know what people will work for that kind of money. 8 to 10 000 rubles a month...THAT is a disgrace indeed.
it was, once more, an old wooden building. no sprinklers, no automatic fire detection system, nothing. so i wonder which documents were =in order=? that there were enough mops and buckets?

did a patient smoke in bed? was it an electrical fault? hopefully the investigations will tell.