View Full Version : 5 injured by =home made device= on Moscow Bus Stop

08-12-2015, 15:09
this was just a short news item on the Austrian Radio news at 3 in the afternoon.
3 people are apparently in =satisfactory condition=. nothing about the other two.
also no other information where in town it happened.or any other or more information.
anything on RBC? they are normally always on the spot and up to date.

08-12-2015, 15:10
Thrown Explosive Device Injures 4 at Moscow Bus Stop
The Moscow Times
Dec. 08 2015 12:30 Last edited 12:30

The explosive device was equivalent to 50 grams of TNT, according to preliminary estimates.
Four people were injured when an improvised explosive device was thrown at a crowded bus stop in central Moscow on Monday evening, Russian media reported, citing police officials.

Police are treating the incident as "hooliganism" rather than a terrorist attack, Interior Ministry spokesman Andrei Galiakberov said, the state TASS news agency reported.

The explosion on Pokrovka Ulitsa may have been caused by an "improvised explosive device thrown out of a passing car or from a window of a high-rise building," Galiakberov was quoted as saying by the Interfax news agency.

The explosive device was equivalent to 50 grams of TNT, according to preliminary estimates, Interfax reported, citing an unidentified law enforcement official. Galiakberov said at least three people were injured by flying shards of gl**** according to Interfax.

A spokesperson for the Moscow city health department later said three people were hospitalized with minor injuries, while a fourth person was treated and released, Interfax reported