View Full Version : Native Speake from Ireland

24-11-2015, 21:29
I teach part time at a private school and need new students or part time work.
Many years experience, references.

Uncle Wally
24-11-2015, 23:58
Wow you speak Irish?

I always wanted to learn Irish.

25-11-2015, 11:56
No, of course not. 95% of Eire speak English, and much better than the English themselves. We have reincented the English language, grafted Irish grammar rules onto it, pruned it, adorned it, beautified it, even if we forget to put an " r" at the end of our post heading. Speake(sic) seems to be an antediluvian spelling of speak, I meant speaker, more precisely, Native English Speaker. No, the only Irish I know are terms of endearment and curses. Some songs , listen to I am Stretched on Your Grave, by Diarmuid Ó Súlleabháin, the lyrics must make it the saddest song on earth. Scullion does nice cobver in the English speake��