View Full Version : 8 mm film,VHS Videos, old dias on to cd/s or flashkey

09-11-2015, 19:16
i was at the Savelovsky Computer Market today. maybe it is old news but i saw the shops today for the firs time... ( they are indeed out there since quite a few years)
if you have old 8/16mm film, VHS videos (no Betamax for the time being) or the good old cassette tapes from your Sony Walkman or you favorite family holiday dias, they put it on cd and with photoshop can make them look even better.
moscow@topkadr.co ,www.topkadr.com
the shop is in the -computer center, 2nd floor 2F-19.
on the corner is a numismatic (coin) shop. and next to it they are situated. you can see from the outside, standing on top of a dividing wall, 3 16mm film projectors....
they charge videos and films by the meter, how much is to be done...