View Full Version : Piano Lessons - to enjoy and explore yourself in music!

05-10-2015, 22:17
Hi, my name is Nastasia.
Now I am studying in the Moscow Conservatory named after P. I. Tchaikovsky.
I'm a native Chinese, and I speak English fluently and intermediate Russian .

I have experience of being a piano tutor for 3 years.
Through I am still a student, I'm willing to share the beauty of music with others.
I need to make a living on my own, and to me, there is no life without music.

I could teach you how to play the piano from the beginning, and then develop both your skills and artistic taste inside music.
Of course, I'll not only teach you the piano, but also many things about the art, history, and life.
We'll learn about some musicians, the history of music, and the basic theory of music step by step.
What's more, if you're interested, I also teach Chinese.

The price of my lessons is as the following:
60 min. / once a week - every lesson for 1500 rubles
90 min./ once a week - every lesson for 2000 rubles
60 min. / twice a week - every lesson for 1200 rubles
(You need to have an piano, and we take lessons at your place)

Please feel free to contact with me!
My E-mail: chiachi.lin.1993@gmail.com