View Full Version : -electirc- Supermarket, Gorbushka 2nd floor

05-10-2015, 19:56

http://electrozon.ru/about/ so you can find it easier....

i have been there maybe once or twice, when it was still a rabbit warren. and the cd's were cheap...
a lot has changed since than and we went back today. THAT shop i can definitely recommend.
you first check out at home in peace from their site what you want. compare prices, quality,whatever.
than you go there, tell them what you want. you pay, you get a number, sit down o na nice soft sofa, have a coffee. once they call up your number, you check your purchase and off you go. only quality products no ...second hand... or ....grey... wares. (and i never argue with my wife. and a little bit i also know where to look)
though NOT recommended to go there on the weekend.

this is not a showroom or supermarket in the usual sense.but more or less a whole warehouse. but definitely worthwhile to check it out.

05-10-2015, 20:02
I know these guys as well, they were sitting in anoher building, between Gorbushka and big shopping center closer to Fili metro station.
Initially they took this sellout system from bankrupted Sunrise, in 2009.